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Vocaloid Fukase Cosplay by Shinji-Thanatos
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Vocaloid Fukase Stamp by Hatsune01MikuLUVER
Hey, let's do this one more time! (I still have a lot of topics so we have a lot more to discuss)
And I hope more people will comment this time...(please don't be shy)

So I know a lot of us are wondering about Fukase's design... Like his face(but it wasn't like that in mikuma's original version), or why there are so many 'x's,  or why his coat is asymmetrical, or the hat and the cane, or why there's a lil fella named Point... and I know a lot of us have many different opinions regarding this, so feel free to share your own! It's interesting to know what you all think!

Of course, there is no real answer to this(unless you ask Yamaha and mikuma), I just thought that it would be fun to discuss what everyone's thoughts are about this.

Here are my own thoughts about this: (you can read if you want, or skip it)

(this is kind of an AU I came up with... I'm actually writing a story) I've linked his design to the lyrics in "The Day I Became a Monster" by rerulili. So, for me, he was a kind of... the son of a wealthy family, but one day his household was struck with an unknown entity and this started corrupting the individuals of the household. Most of the household went into ruin, but Fukase survived. Due to the unknown entity, half of his body became somewhat 'deformed', resulting in the design of his face and left side. It had granted him the ability to control black shards. The 'disease' was slowly spreading throughout his body, but little did he know, the cure for this was 'love'(The story is kind of like... an allegory? so... it's quite symbolic).  When that was given to him, the spreading stopped. But he could no longer 'cleanse' what was already deformed, so he learned to live with it. He realized that normal clothes wouldn't quite fit with his deformed body, so he had new ones made. Along the way, he met this cute lil' fella named Point, and they became buddies, I guess. (This isn't part of what I'm writing, but I'll consider it) At first, people didn't like how he looked, and thought he was scary, so they avoided him. But, he found a way around this by becoming a performer, and singing. Then, a lot of people started to see him as a nice person. The end. (Of course, I left out a lot of parts, just for the sake of not spoiling my story.) This is greatly inspired by rerulili's song.

(Kudos to you if you read that whole thing XD)

There was also this one person who said that Fukase might be half-dragon, where the deformed bits resemble his dragon side, and that he was cursed by a dragon, and he had to sing in order to remain human. (I found this in a Facebook page so...) I thought this was a really cool idea.

So, what do you guys think his backstory is?

Hi everyone! So I noticed that it's getting a little quiet over here, which is why I think we should start a discussion. I wanna do this forum-style.

This is my first time posting a journal here, so hopefully people would actually reply. And hopefully, more people will also start discussions like this.

Don't hesitate to comment; I'm very open. I just wanna discuss with someone.

Ok, so you know how some Vocaloids have a favorite food(sometimes it's their character item), for example, Miku's is leeks, Kaito's is ice cream, and so on. Some also have unofficial favorite foods, for example, Miki's is cherries.

For my personal take on this, I like to think that Fukase's favorite food is strawberries.

So I wanna ask, what do you guys think Fukase's favorite food is?

You can also create an artwork about it, and I'll link it here!
I'll make the deadline a lot longer, trust me.

I want to do a Christmas themed Fukase contest!  Well, whatever holiday you celebrate-  Since it'll go after New Years-  Okay, I'll explain, enough blubbering from me.

You can do a Christmas or New Year's themed picture, digital or traditional, it doesn't matter!  As long as it has Fukase in it, you're good!  So that means you can add other Vocaloids or even OC's in the pictures.  

Me and Viv will be the judges!  We can both pick two/three of our favorites and say why we like them!

The deadline will be January 15th, LA time!  

Edits will most likely be made tomorrow, as I am tired right now.

More Journal Entries

All Fukase Fans welcome~!

Anyone who likes Fukase is free to join us! :D

We will accept any Fukase related fan art no matter the skill level!

We'd also appreciate if you could help submit other people's Fukase art to the galley as well!

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